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An app about energy performance contracting on buildings.

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The Menu offers performance contracting parties, both client and executing party, a framework in the preparation for creating a performance contracts for the sustainable management of building systems or entire buildings and maintenance. The result of the Menu Performance Contract is a draft performance contract in Microsoft Word that can serve as the basis for a performance contract. The Menu, including the fact sheets with background information, can also be used as a discussion input for discussions between the parties who are planning exploit buildings based on a performance contract.

Cost and sustainability are becoming increasingly important within companies and institutions. Companies are looking for opportunities to be as effective, energy efficient and sustainable as they can in their real estates and use of their assets. Sustainable housing is often a business card and a cost saver. A performance contract is a good means to meet those assets. The performance contract makes the sustainability of the real estate measurable and evaluable. As a client, you pay for what you actually want and get.

Besides this, building owners are faced with more and more reasons to make their real estate more sustainable, as a more sustainable building attrackts conscious tenants. Owners must also comply with increasingly stringent laws and regulations (all new buildings have to be energy neutral in 2020) and, for institutional investors to increasingly stringent sustainable requirements of shareholders. A performance contract is therefore an excellent means of ensuring sustainability for owners and thus future (financial) resistance.

Please feel free to contact one of the creators of the Menu Performance Contracts, Marc Hopman,, 0655364896 or Albert Hulshoff 06 51,879,772.

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