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Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for organizations. More and more companies have their own policies in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility. Also the users of real estate pursue their assets as sustainable as possible. They want to make their housing a sustainable ‘business card’, or gain control over their total housing costs. A green lease is a means to indicate and facilitate these strategies.

Building owners are faced with more and more reasons to make their real estate more sustainable, as a more sustainable building attrackts conscious tenants. Owners must also comply with increasingly stringent laws and regulations (all new buildings have to be energy neutral in 2020) and, for institutional investors to increasingly stringent sustainable requirements of shareholders. A performance contract is therefore an excellent means of ensuring sustainability for owners and thus future (financial) resistance.

In a Greenlease, arrangements can be made ​​to divide revenues more fairly, allowing both tenant and landlord to benefit from the sustainable measures.

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